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OvercomeEverything.com/phplist PHPlist: 5 reasons to think twice before installing. By Josh Burns Thinking about using phplist? Keep reading. The « open source dream » could quickly turn into a nightmare for your email marketing strategy AND your deliverability as you’ll see in just a moment. Here are the top five weaknesses of phplist that you might not know… 1) Complexity. Phplist can do a LOT (if you can imagine it, some geek can code it right?) – but that’s not always a good thing. While it’s true that after the initial install of phplist, most of the « tech nightmares » are behind you, you might still end up in a sticky situation if anything goes wrong along the way. Relying on a self hosted solution like phplist means giving up the ability to simply call a support desk and have them handle the problems for you. 2) Support. Say for instance you try to send out from phplist and nothing happens, no emails get delivered. Well, you’re at the whims of phplist’s FAQ’s, user forums, and manuals – which means a lot of troubleshooting, research, trial and error stand between you and your vital email blasts getting sent out. Working with a paid, hosted solution means having a team of knowledgeable people at your beck and call. Not so with phplist. 3) Deliverability. Phplist has a lot of strengths – it’s capable of sending out email blasts to over 100000 subscribers, it can store complex geo-targeting information, user preferences, and « tags » to help you with list segmentation

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