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Create a "Zombie Launch" With PHPlist

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PHPlist has a gazillion uses, and tapping into them can mean huge windfalls for your website. But outside of all the stuff PHPlist is built to do, there’s a whole world of things you can make it do with a little crafty ingenuity… www.ListBuilding.com The tactic I’d like to share with you today is called the PHPlist Zombie Launch. You’ve probably heard volumes about these multi-million dollar website launches, but this strategy requires less heavy lifting in therms of marketing, with more free time (It’s a beautiful thing). www.ListBuilding.com So, first, you have your PHPlist optin form. You’ll want to set it up on a « Squeeze Page » that you send all your traffic to. When new prospects come in, they sign up for a video, an audio, or some other freebie that will make their lives better. www.ListBuilding.com And that’s just the beginning. Because now, you set up PHPlist with a killer followup sequence. First, you’ll want to plan out the « Zombie Launch » ahead of time – make sure you’ve got lots of good content to give away, and give it away by sending people from your PHPlist followup series to a blog. That step is important, so everyone who comes through your « Zombie Launch » can see the social proof that other people left behind in the comments section. www.ListBuilding.com Over the course of a couple weeks to a month, you’ll use your PHPlist followup sequence to bond with your subscribers, give them high value freebies (so they’ll love you) and build up suspense over

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Create a « Zombie Launch » With PHPlist

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